Hallie Pro - Front Page Setup - Soliloquy Slider

Change Slide Button Links

We will be using the Soliloquy plugin to power our slider.

First, navigate to the Soliloquy tab in your dashboard. You will find your existing sliders under this section.

Select the edit setting under whichever slider you would like to edit.

This will bring up the Soliloquey menu. From here you can edit which slides and information is present in your slider. Click the blue edit icon of the slide you would like to edit.

You will be greeted with a pop-up modal that allows you to edit information pertaining to your slide.

The only area we will need to edit is the a tag in the caption area. This is a tag that controls the linking capabilities of the element.

In the href section, you will see that the default value is “#”. Change this to the style of “/{link}” you would like to link to. (ex: “/blog” or “/home”).

After you have made the changes you desire, save the metadata by clicking the button.

Click the update button on the Soliloquy edit page in order to finalize your changes.

Your button in your slider will now be updated with the proper link that you want it to navigate to. (you made need to clear your cache in order to see your changes)

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