Hallie Pro - Customize Your Theme - WooCommerce Settings

The Hallie Pro theme includes various WooCommerce options that allow you to enable or disable specific WooCommerce features on your site, as well as customize the shop display page.

Go to  Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce to get started.

After opening the WooCommerce Settings, there are two areas to look for:

Product Catalog

This theme gives you the ability to set the number of columns and rows for your shop page.

Display Settings

You can control what WooCommerce features displays on your shop archive pages.

  • You can hide the result count string, which is the string that says Showing 1-6 of 17 results in the top left area above the products.
  • You can disable the dropdown ordering box.
  • You can hide the review stars of a product from displaying on the shop page.

You can also control what features displays on your individual product pages.

  • You can hide review stars from display on the product page
  • You can hide the meta information for a product
  • You can disable gallery zoom
  • You can disable the gallery lightbox
  • You can disable the gallery slider

Also, you can decide if you want to display the Above Footer CTA on your shop and product pages. You might decide you want your purchasers to have a distraction free experience when looking through your products. This is checked by default.

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